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Bringing human sciences in the center

Harmo is a marketing consulting group specialized in qualitative strategies that create meaningful experiences. We work with ideas, concepts, words, design, story and context. Our goal is to create brands with soul, striving to assist existing brands to find their essence.

We believe marketing is more than just data and metrics analysis. The communication world is made of subjective experiences hard to describe or even quantify, like arts, poetry and feelings.

There is no formula or secrets to success. Every successful endeavor has people working hard and striving to achieve it. If metrics and theory were enough for a successful business anyone could achieve it. The drive to strive is the human element we want to nurture and work with.

Our company offers a variety of communication, advertising, design, marketing and business strategy services as projects and consultancy. Our main process is based on:
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Research of client's needs and project sketching.
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Choice of methodologies, approach and definition of project scope.
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Research, creation and development.
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Presenting, implementation and adjustments.
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"In order to understand businesses you need to understand people, to understand people you need to understand art, to understand art you need to understand science. That's Harmo, put it all together and you will have something amazing."

Stephanie Daher
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Our team

A creative approach tied to scientific academic research is a central aspect of our modern company. Born in Brazil and filled with authentic creative design, Harmo has had more than 100 businesses over 05 years of service.

Our professional staff has a diverse reach in many fields of knowledge: business management, law, communication, design, fashion, journalism, languages, physics.

We believe that a multidisciplinary approach to the creative process is key for a more complex process. Different perspectives enable a more complete view of how to work in our field.

We believe in

Diversity and inclusion
Diverse sources of inspiration
Markets and businesses as agents of social transformation
Organizations as complex systems of culture, symbols and interactions
Positioning that aims to bridges business management and arts
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