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Graphic materials includes still images of all types and different productions, including both printed and digital materials design. These productions compose part of the visual branding and should follow the strategy of the brand, striving to achieve the positioning goals.

The creative effort of the graphic material production is comprised of a process that starts with brand research. Understanding the company's context and characteristics is key to have good visual material that represents a brand. Therefore, we need to have good chemistry and communication from our research, creative and account managers. The end result is a graphic material that is in syntony with your brand's objectives, visual guidelines and standards.

We specialize in brand management and want to use different graphic materials to craft the custom aesthetic universe your brand needs. The perception the public has of your brand is often intangible, hard to put into words. We are here to help articulate these feelings into visual form, helping your brand convey exactly what it means to the public.

Every graphic material must have an objective, contextually in agreement with the brand strategy. Each piece will connect your brand to the public, so you have to convey exactly what you want. Establishing your brand's essence in people's minds is the successful end result accomplished in part by graphic materials.

We want to show you more of different graphic materials we specialize in and the different ways they can be useful to your brand:

Print Materials Design

Print materials carry the essence of your brand in physical form. They should be a touchpoint with your customers and public. These pieces could be placed in many different places and organically introduce your brand to those spaces.

These materials are also perceived differently by people, having a physicality to it makes it seem like a planned investment, a careful thought and a crafted product. Some of them could even be taken by the public, a person can enjoy a print material and take it with them into their personal space.

We like to think about print materials as an investment into the client experience with your brand, it is a way to create a more intimate and personal way to introduce a brand to someone.

Packaging Design

There is a functional aspect to packaging in regards to the material, protection of the product, cost and viability of material choice and form. However, it is also the way you present a product in the market place, it can be a key factor in the decision making of buying a product.

The information a packaging contains can help clients understand the differentials of a product, but also transmit the essence of the brand, the persona and the particular way it conveys information in aesthetic form. It plays with the expectations a customer has of the product and its niche, so it should guide someone's reading of its written text and also providing visual aesthetic context and a hierarchy of information.

It is a prime element of customer experience, encapsulates the contact of client and product. The packaging should be developed following directions of a brand strategy, containing key visual elements, product information, consider customer experience and the quality of its materials.

Internal Visual Communication

Your physical space can be the best showcase of your brand. Working on your own space is a key factor in maintaining your brand strategy, it shows the way brand presents itself to the world. It is a key factor in the customer experience whenever they are in touch with your physical space.

Tailoring a unified user experience in your own space makes your clients perceive the commitment you have to your branding strategy. It becomes a smooth comprehension of your brand's atmosphere, your physical space becomes a welcoming invitation to your brand universe.

Using your own space to craft user experience is an intelligent and cost effective marketing tool. The client is already in your establishment, take that opportunity to build upon what your space communicates. It is important to grasp a client's attention, it goes beyond getting them to visit the space.


Publishing includes a lot of planning and research regarding the content, its context, the market it targets and its target audience. The process will consider the visual elements as much as the hierarchy of information and how to present key aspects of text.

We take deep inspiration from our academic research roots at Harmo to work with research and have a better understanding of the content and how to present such information to the market. Having proper tools of analysis to balance visual graphic elements and deep text information is one of our key strengths.

Apart from the contents of the material we also have to consider its possible materials, in print cases, its cost and the experience of writers and consumers. Research of reader's context will help us to make informed decisions regarding the different possibilities of the publishing universe.
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