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Harmo believes in the importance of bringing new perspectives to the market. We know that there are many ways to achieve a goal, we choose the one that has our style.

We bring to brands a new way to see themselves, pushing the brand and the whole organization one step forward, closer to the future.

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Dra. Iryna Prist

Branding Project • Website Development • Graphic Materials

A personal brand needs to communicate a real personalite. That was the goal with the Branding Project Development for the Doctor Iryna Pryst. Based in the city of Sao Paulo - Brazil, Iryna is an otolaryngologist specialized in plastic surgery of the face.

Harmony in a different style, authenticity, possibilities and an open mind approach are some of the qualities that define our client and this brand. Less of the obvious and more about “how to make it beautiful in your way?”.

Leaders for Life

Rebranding Project • Graphic Materials

Leaders for Life is a martial arts academy that has as mission resin leader for the future, their classes goes beyond the martial arts and developed life skills. They are based in Houston - Texas and we bring to their logo all the strength and potential that it has.

Developing an emblem that could be used as an arm(?) and a lot of silhouettes that communicate the variety of sports that they work with, had brought to the visual identity more information about the business and communicated better their whole approach.

Trigo de Origem

Personalized Project • Marketing Consulting

One of the challenges we faced in 2019 was to advise the marketing of the Wheat of Origin Project. A Project that not only launches a product, but launches a movement: making it different. From the choice of seed to the bread that arrives in our homes, the process is a world of possibilities. Healthiness, traceability, origin and a relational chain are choices. And those were the choices for this project!

Lucca Torrefação

Branding Project • Graphic Materials

Lucca is a group of companies that work with Specialty Coffee inBrazil. The Lucca Group has 20 years of experience in the SpecialtyCoffee market and they are a reference in this niche, in Brazil, andacross the world.

Our goal with Lucca is to communicate to the community ofconsumers, considering all the different consumers that Lucca has,the experience, the high quality, the services and products that thegroup has to offer them.

More than that, we had the challenge of using storytelling to helpthem communicate the generational transition in the company.

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Project Manager
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Customer Experience
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Graphic Designer
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Graphic Designer
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Graphic Designer
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Graphic Designer
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Paula Oliveira
Marcel Daher
Web Developer

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